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How much sodium is in that soup?

How much sodium is in that soup?

There’s nothing nicer than a warming soup on cold days. There are plenty of options on offer at the supermarket, but the sodium (salt) content varies greatly among them, and it can be easy to get too much.

We compare the sodium content in a serve of soup to the recommended daily upper amount of 2300mg.

Note: Serve sizes vary from 10–100g per packet of dried soup mix, to 200–300g per 1/2 can or pouch, to 350–430g per individual serve.

(Products listed in order from best to worst.)

McKenzie’s Superblend Fibre
Freekeh, Lentils & Beans
50g serve
King Traditional Soup Mix
26g serve (1 cup prepared)
Seasons Gourmet Soups
Kumara, Coconut & Lemongrass Gluten Free
250g serve
Campbell’s Country Ladle
Roast Chicken and Winter Vegetable
250g serve
Hansells All Natural Soup
Thai Pumpkin
200g serve
Artisano Real Soup
Hearty Minestrone
250g serve
Tasty Pot Co
Supergran’s Pea & Ham
350g serve
Fresh Chicken Chowder
300g serve
Mitoku Instant Miso Soup
Mellow White with Tofu
10g sachet serve
Pitango Soup
Organic Spring Lamb
300g serve
Naked Locals
Ashburton Baby Pea and Rocket Soup
250g serve
Wattie’s Soup of the Day
Thai Chicken with Chilli & Lime
430g serve
First published: April 2017

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