Everyday choices: Dessert toppings

Is it worth trying an alternative to whipped cream on your favourite cake or dessert? We show you how a thick, creamy Greek-style yoghurt compares.

Anchor Pure Cream (whipped)

Per 1/4-cup serve of whipped cream: 459kJ, 0.8g protein, 11.7g fat, 7g sat fat, 17mg calcium; $0.33


Puhoi Greek Style Yoghurt

Per 1/4-cup serve (64g): 373kJ, 4.6g protein, 5.9g fat, 3.8g sat fat, 135mg calcium; $0.74

The yoghurt is lower in kilojoules and delivers a good amount of protein with half the fat and, most importantly, 46 per cent less saturated fat. With 7g of saturated fat in a 1/4-cup serve, the whipped cream delivers 29 per cent of an average day’s worth. The yoghurt also adds to our calcium intake with around 14 per cent of most people’s daily needs, while the cream has very little.

We deliberately chose a thick, creamy yoghurt with 9.1 per cent fat, as this would be an easier switch from cream. But, for some, a lower-fat Greek-style yoghurt, such as Anchor protein+ with just 1.9 per cent fat, would be an option. A lower-fat yoghurt would cut the 1/4-cup serve to just 164kJ and 0.8g saturated fat, while still being high in both protein and calcium.

Using a Greek-style yoghurt is a clear winner except, unfortunately, on price.

First published: Nov 2017

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