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Health and wellness

Health and wellness

I absolutely LOVE the beginning of a new year! Rested, rejuvenated and all fired up ready to create magic again with new-found energy and excitement.

I have read far too many new year’s resolution articles to dare overwhelm you with yet another ‘new year, new you’ message – so instead I would like to share with you the five things I think will really help you wake up EVERY DAY this year feeling fabulous.

Step 1: Eat for the RIGHT reasons

Do you: Eat when you are bored? Eat or drink alcohol when you are stressed? Overeat when you are feeling down or emotional? This is SO common – using food and alcohol for the wrong reasons. If this sounds like you, there are solutions to manage this. Check out Chapter 3 in my book, Lose Weight for Life.


Do you: Ever eat with the TV on? Eat when you are checking Facebook or answering emails? You may end up eating far more than you need if you do this.

  • Turn off the TV when you are eating
  • When you eat, put your food on a plate or in a bowl – avoid just picking, you can lose track of what you are eating
  • Chew your food properly – if you are eating a meal in less than 10 minutes, you are eating too fast!
  • Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls

Step 3: Double your GREEN VEGES

  • Add baby spinach to a berry smoothie
  • Add a massive handful of salad greens to sandwiches or wraps
  • Enjoy salads with plenty of greens in summer
  • Have green veges with your dinner every night
  • Snack on raw or blanched broccoli
  • If you have a juicer, try celery, cucumber and kale, silver beet or spinach with an apple – yum!

Step 4: Rest

As well as eating well and keeping active you need to sleep well, wind down and allow your body time to rest, recoup and recover. Learn to breathe slowly and deeply. Give yourself time to relax without the TV or your computer before bed. Take time to notice the small, beautiful things.

Step 5: Be inspired

Surround yourself with things that inspire you! Quotes, images, people; be clear on your vision and keep it in your mind, you can get there. Connect with me on Facebook for inspirational quotes.

These five tips are part of my 10 Steps to Feeling Fabulous plan which you can download for free at www.claireturnbull.co.nz so check that out right now and get the full plan!

Time to Lose Weight for Life

January was a very special month for me with Penguin releasing my very first book, Lose Weight for Life. If you want to cut through the confusion, banish emotional eating, get into a healthy routine and get results that last, you have to buy this book! It is in all book stores or you can order a signed copy from www.claireturnbull.co.nz today.

If you need one-on-one advice and support to get on track, contact the amazing team at Mission Nutrition.

First published: Jan 2013

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